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In this article, we will be looking at the steps you, as a Digital Agency owner, should take in order to get pre-made content for your agency that you can personalize and make your own.  First, though, you must realize that each content has specific rules and licenses for how you can use them, and that depends on the particular content you’ve chosen.  There are different types of content you can get in PLR format.  Here are a few of them listed:

Types of PLR Content

1. Article (blog post)

2. Video

3. Audio

4. eBook


What we’ll cover

1. Types of PLR Rights

2. How to choose a PLR website

3. Content Topic Selection

4. Making the Content Yours

1. Types of PLR Rights

When you’re choosing what content to use for PLR material, you’ll need to first know what those rights are. Here’s a brief summary (don’t take this as legal advice). You’ll need to check the file to see what their rights actually let you do, as that depends on the content itself (usually in an Unzipped file, you’ll find a document called “1,” and that is usually where their particular rights are laid out for you. Here’s just a brief overview of each of the main PLR rights I’ve encountered and what I understand them to mean (again, each piece of content that comes zipped has the actual specifics of the rights they are giving you):

a. Master Resell Rights (MRR):

With Master Resell Rights, you have permission to resell the PLR content to others and pass on the resell rights to the buyers. This means that not only can you sell the content but also allow your customers to resell it themselves, creating a potential distribution network. However, the specific terms and conditions may vary depending on the PLR license, so it’s important to review the license agreement provided by the content creator.

b. Resell Rights:

Resell Rights allow you to sell the PLR content to others for profit. You have the permission to resell the content as-is or make modifications to it before selling. The ability to resell the content can be a valuable opportunity to generate income by offering the PLR material to your audience or customers.

c. Private Label Rights (PLR):

Private Label Rights provide you with the most flexibility and control over the PLR content. With PLR, you have the right to modify, rebrand, and repurpose the content as your own. You can customize the content to match your brand identity, add your own insights or expertise, and claim authorship of the modified content. PLR allows you to use the content for various purposes, such as blog posts, social media content, eBooks, email newsletters, and more.

d. Personal Use:

Personal Use rights restrict the usage of the PLR content solely for personal purposes. You have permission to use and consume the content for yourself, but you cannot resell, distribute, or claim authorship of the content. Personal Use PLR content is often used for personal education, self-improvement, or entertainment purposes.

2. How to choose a PLR website

You can use a variety of different websites, but you have several types of options to choose from:

a. Premium membership sites – These types of websites are membership based. In these, you usually get access to everything on their website.

b. Pay per content (no membership) – You pay individually for the content you want. This is probably the best quality material, usually.

c. Freemium membership sites – These membership-based sites also offer some free material.

d. Lifetime membership sites – You only pay once, and it’s usually for everything they have on their website. This type of deal is good, but sometimes the quality of their material is not so good. If you find it on websites (such as AppSumo), the quality may be good (as that usually means it’s a Premium Membership Site that is offering a lifetime deal somewhere, as opposed to a PLR website with a lifetime strategy).

3. Content Topic Selection

The material on PLR websites is usually categorized, so you can either search for a topic you want or use their filter if they have one.

Since PLR is varied (and the use of it is as well), you will have to do some thinking on what type of content you want (but since I’m assuming you’re a Digital Agency owner reading this, I could suggest you browse the Business or Marketing section of the PLR website, if there is one). You can also do a content gap analysis between you and your competitors to decide what type of content is missing on your website and find something similar to use from PLR.

4. Making the Content Yours

Depending on the type of rights the website gave you for each piece of content, you have different ways you can make the content yours. At the very least, you usually can just add your logo to a piece of content (on the ones that you can’t change the content). If you get the rights to actually change the content as well, you can do much more.

Having a predefined set of text ready to work with is much, much better than having a blank screen in front of you, waiting for your own material. That being said, you also want to not use PLR all the time for your content.

Go through the material and change what you want. This can simply be changing the wording or it can be changing their text to be exactly what you want to say (even just using their text as an outline).


PLR content serves as a catalyst for digital agencies to enhance their content marketing efforts. It offers a vast array of pre-made content formats, catering to diverse audience preferences. By comprehending the specific PLR rights, agencies can comply with license agreements, maximize the benefits of using PLR material, and ultimately achieve their business objectives. Embracing PLR content empowers digital agencies to save time, maintain consistency, and deliver compelling content that captivates their clients and engages their audience.

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